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RP: Big News [March the 30th]
WHO: Susan Bones, Terry Boot, Mrs. Boot
WHERE: Terry's cottage
WHEN: 26 February 2005
WHAT: Susan and Terry have finally decided it is time to start telling the parents.

This should be fun. )

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[September the 6th]
Every time you smile, I smile
And every time you shine, I'll shine for you. )

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[May the 15th]
That brandy thing was fun. Even if it's not my drink of choice.

Anyone know how to make it do that again? Maybe with soap suds or something this time?

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[November the 20th]
My brother is getting married. I didn't even know that he was dating anyone, and apparently neither did Mum, but he showed up at family dinner tonight with the news and her. She's all Italian and gorgeous and I guess she's okay, but I wish I had known about her before he just showed up.

Mum wants to know if you want to come to family dinner next week. She wants to pick at you about your life-- she's taking all of my friends in turn. It was Hannah's turn last week.

How are you doing? Can I Do you want any company? I can bring pizza.

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[November the 7th]
Private to anyone who is/would have been close friends with Terry

There's something major that you should all know. I just don't know if the journals are the best place to tell you this, but I'm going to anyway because it is the easiest. Certainly easier than the way that I found out.

Terry is alive.

I ran into him, literally, when I was locking up this afternoon. There's so much that you need to know about everything that's happened, but he explains it better than I do. Just...let me know when you can and I'll talk to him?

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[November the 4th]
Five years later and there are still days when I almost can't get out of bed in the morning. I miss him.


Does anyone have a mystery that needs solving? I need something to do.

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[October the 31st]

No, really. I'm going to this masque thing as Nancy Drew (the original, thanks) and I'm sure none of you know who she is, but suffice to say she's a detective. So, not particularly original, but the costume is fun.

Who's going? You lot aren't going to make me dance ALONE, are you?

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